Tax Services

We offer Fiduciary Tax Services, as well as Individual, Partnership, S Corp, Gift Tax and others your customers may need.

  • Preparation of Federal and state tax returns and related tax information.
  • Mutual Fund Factoring (Income Reallocation).
  • Responses to tax compliance questions asked by the trust administrators.
  • Responses to correspondence from taxing authorities.
  • Preparation of extensions, when required.
  • Periodic review of the tax coding and new account setup in the trust accounting system.
  • Semi-annual administrative and tax planning oriented presentations to trust administrators.
  • Research and consultation on trust tax issue and tax planning.
  • Calculate quarterly estimated tax payments for fiduciary accounts.
  • Preparation of IRS approved substitute 1099.
  • Sixty-five day election procedure to ensure tax is minimized on complex trusts, where possible.
  • E-Filing of all returns
  • EFTPS of balance due and estimated tax payments.